A next generation Minecraft client

Completely open source, written in Swift, and optimised for macOS.
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Screenshot of playing Minecraft with Delta Client
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Changing the meaning of speed

Delta Client has 3x higher fps, 2.5x lower cpu usage, starts faster than the Minecraft launcher and loads chunk as smooth as butter. Lag will no longer be an excuse for a lack of skills.

starts in

stats measured on a 2020 dual-core i5 MacBook Air with 8gb RAM
*measurement was taken on 10 render distance straight after chunks finished loading

Screenshot of playing Minecraft with Delta Client
Server list of Delta Client

A sleek and intuitive UI

Delta Client's UI was designed to feel right at home on macOS. It's powered by SwiftUI which allows the client to have extremely low resource usage when not in-game.

Quick to install

Just download the app, open it, wait a minute or two, login, and you're ready to go! Yep, it's really that simple.


There are many ways to contribute to Delta Client. Any help with developing the client, the website or Swift Bundler is always greatly appreciated.


The following developers have helped with the development of Delta Client.
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Sponsoring Delta Client

Delta Client's development is funded purely through sponsorship. All sponsorships go to stackotter (the main developer) and help him spend more time on the development of Delta Client. Every single sponsorship and one-time donation is greatly appreciated.

Primary Sponsors

The financial support of these people helps me to continue working on the project.

Thanks for dropping by!

Thank you for checking out Delta Client. The dream is still far away, but we are constantly getting closer to making the fastest Minecraft client, and if that catches your imagination, feel free to drop by in our Discord and say hi :)